35 years of leading the front keeps you fit and inventive.


An experienced team with an innovative mindset. Just what an inner city needs.


Especially in inner cities, where every square meter counts, an innovative development plan is not an option but an imperative. To us, pioneering concepts are therefore the norm, not a reason for high-fives or standing ovations. Concepts that facilitate the desired mix of living and working instead of forcing it, thus giving the project its authentic spirit and purpose. This approach is what we started with in 1985 and what we have become very good at over the years.


Even after 37 years, every (re)development plan at Provast starts with a blank sheet. No copy/paste, no 2.0 version of an existing project; custom work from the first sketch only. Firstly, because copying is beneath us and we are eager to show off what we can do. But also because blindly opting for the obvious choices lacks the advantage of progressive insight. Because it will invariable result in a square peg for a round hole. And because a project’s long-term value for cities, communities and investors only comes about when the project is made to be theirs, to serve their specific needs. You don’t get that with a reworked copy of a project in another city; only with made-to-measure custom work. No exceptions.


A project’s sustainability is not just determined by its features aimed at energy saving and waste recycling alone. It’s bigger than that. It is about being future-proof in every respect. About the added value you create today as well as for the future. Naturally, green techniques such as rainwater collection, C02 storage and heat pumps are an important part of this. But they will be irrelevant if you do not let them go hand in hand with new concepts and innovations that ensure that the real estate will still fully meet the needs for which you developed it in 10, 15 or 25 years’ time.

37-year track record

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