About Provast

We are far from risk-averse. Except for the risk of becoming one of the many.

We are Provast

Where others perceive threats, we see the opportunity to do things differently. Because if we have learned one thing in the past decades, it is that this is our strength: letting go of the tried and tested. To move away from the beaten path to see what more is actually achieveable in a project. To not fall back on past success formulas but to put all your expertise, energy and progressive insight in service of the new project, its future users, the community and of course the city as a whole. This is how we have been successfully developing the Dutch inner cities for over 37 years.

Our vision: Cities where people come first.

Not an option

From our first iconic projects in 1985 to recent success stories such as the Markthal, the Amstel Tower and the soon to be built Tree House… In the end, they are all the inevitable result of a team of six partners in which differences of opinion keep things lively and healthy. But also a team that is fully aligned on crucial matters. For example, on the idea that quality and creativity should always come first. And that taking risks and accepting challenges is not so much a choice as it is the best and only way to ensure we do not become one of the many.



Anton Koomen

Boudewijn Hellingman

Martijn Dirks

Hans de Jong

Jan-Hein Lakeman

Niek Roet


Jelle de Groot

Real Estate Developer

Kimberly Boot


Claudia Heimensen

Real Estate Developer

Emile Bosch

Real Estate Developer

Fokkeline Lakerveld

Project Director

Hellen den Dulk

Executive Secretary

Jeroen Nanne

Real Estate Developer

Jurjen Thomas

Project Director

Nynke Wertenbroek

Real Estate Developer

Patrick Huisman

Financial Director

Serge Spanjaard

Real Estate Developer

Simone Paul

Office Manager

Sofie Oosdijk

Real Estate Developer

Tessa Scheenhouwer

Office Assistant

Nicolai de Korte


Stefanie Berendse

Financial Accountant