Amstel Tower

A brand new look for the Amsterdam skyline.

The Amsterdam skyline has been given a new look. Adjacent to Amstel Station, we have developed a 100 meter tower comprising 192 innovative city apartments, as well as a hotel with 186 rooms for the German Meininger chain. The public parking garage below offers space to 171 cars.

  • Architect

    Powerhouse Company
  • Investor

    Vesteda - Bouwinvest
  • Status

  • Location


With medium-priced, well-thought-out rental homes with outdoor space, we offer a type of housing that is new for Amsterdam, in line with the living requirements and lifestyle of new urban residents. In the design of the tower, we have also paid much attention to the wishes of the neighborhood residents. For example, by giving the building a slender shape we managed to minimize its shadow. On the ground floor, a lively meeting spot is created with the addition of two units for bars or restaurants.

“We have paid much attention to the wishes of the neighborhood residents.”
100 meters high
186 hotel rooms
192 apartments