Draka Amsterdam

In Amsterdam Noord, we are working with Hines to build a 150,000 m2 residential area with sustainable housing.

In the near future, a sustainable residential district of approximately 150,000 m2 will be developed on the site of the former Draka cable factory. With approximately 1,700 rental and owner-occupied homes, we respond to the growing demand of middle income residents in Amsterdam. The project will have a variety of facilities including bars and restaurants, offices, a primary school and spaces for the manufacturing industry. A fifty meter wide, lush green boulevard along the IJ will offer spectacular views of the water and the city.

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    In development
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Draka’s former laboratory building will become a makers’ square and the vibrant heart of the area. Old elements such as the industrial frames from factory halls, repurposed in the public space, will keep the cultural and historical identity of the Draka factory alive. The area will be low-traffic and have pleasant, green streets. This means that Draka will have everything it needs to give the Hamerkwartier and Amsterdam Noord the next push forward.


“Draka has everything to give the Hamerkwartier area and Amsterdam Noord district the next push forward.”