Tree House

Commencing soon: 41,000 m² of pure innovation in climate-neutral housing and living.

The 130 meter Tree House will be built adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station. Once completed, it will comprise 41,000 m² and offer a varied mix of approximately 90 owner-occupied and 185 rental apartments, 30% of which in the mid-rental segment. The office area of around 15,000 m² focuses on innovative technology companies, including co-working operator TQ. With the Rotterdam innovation and culture platform De Dépendance, Tree House will have a major crowd puller. On street level, bars and restaurants will add to the urban energy.

  • Architect

    PLP Architecture
  • Co-Architect

  • Status

    In development
  • Location


Tree House is inspired by a tree’s ecosystem. The building collects rainwater – also from Rotterdam Central Station – and generates solar energy on the roofs and balconies. The abundance of greenery contributes to the biodiversity and reduces heat stress. With Tree House we are really taking the next step in sustainable building, living and working.

“A new step in sustainable building, living and working.”
130 meters high
36 floors
15.000 passersby daily