Supporting our people and communities

People are key to a thriving city and its buildings. As a developer, Provast designs and develops these remarkable buildings where we focus on the wishes and needs of its users.

We operate mainly in cities. Inner-city development means considering the existing environment, the interests of the residents and working with limited space. We are passionate about developing a wide range of affordable (rental) homes in places where space is becoming increasingly scarce. This requires creativity and innovation, two qualities with which we make a difference.

Our people are our capital. The Provast team, our partners and all those involved in our projects determine the quality of the project. Participation, collaboration, and the continuous pursuit of improvement are important components that contribute to the success of our projects.

Our commitments:

  • Affordability

    In recent years we have proven to be a frontrunner in the development of affordable housing. We will continue to do so in the future.

  • Participation and placemaking

    Even before we start designing, we involve the neighborhood in the planning process. This results in projects that strengthen the urban fabric, far beyond the boundaries of the plot.

  • Investing in quality

    The people who work for Provast represent the quality of our projects. We therefore invest in development, training, and equal opportunities for our employees and in a good working environment for all our partners.

  • Social contribution

    Provast invests in the new generation through education, sponsorship, and training places. We aim to further improve our social contribution.


With Grotius, Provast meets the enormous need for affordable housing in The Hague